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300 Creative Unique Name Suggestions For New Gym And Fitness Club

If you are planning to open your own gym and fitness club, or re brand an existing gym, but do not know which name to choose, this article will give you suggest the best option. It outlines the main strategies for the formation of bright and memorable names of gym and fitness clubs, and also provides many examples of centers already operating throughout.

Name Suggestions For New Gym And Fitness Club

Coming up with creative fitness ideas or gym names is often tricky. It may seem like all the best brands are already taken ... So how can you come up with something unique and memorable?

The name of the gym or the brand of the product is not something that you can easily change if you get tired of it or think of something better. It's ingrained in many aspects of your fitness business; logo, signage, website address, customer first impression are perhaps the most important element of your brand.

It's important to work ahead and get it right the first time. Spending a little more time choosing the perfect name can have a huge impact on the initial success of your business and save you headaches down the road.

Of course, there is a flip side to the coin ... Taking a long time to come up with the perfect name for a gym could  delay other aspects of  starting a new business ...

To make life easier, we've created this guide on how to choose a fitness center or gym name. Whether you are starting a fitness club, yoga studio or production company, it will show you.


Here the 300 suggestion for the name of a fitness club


Names including the words "fitness", "fit"

Names including the words "fitness", "fit"

  1. Avetal-Fitness
  2. Beautyfit
  3. BeFit
  4. Bridge fit
  6. Fight Fit
  7. Fly fitness
  8. Fresh fitness
  9. Get fit gym
  10. GigaFit
  11. Gold-Fitness
  12. Gud fit
  13. Gym Fitness Studio
  14. I love fitness
  15. Iron fitness
  16. Jamm fit
  17. Joy fitness
  18. Les Fitness
  19. Magic fitness
  20. MaxiFit
  21. Molla fitness
  22. Newfit
  23. Olimpic Fitness
  24. Premiere Fitness
  25. Reebok crossfit
  26. Sector Fitness
  27. Svet-fit
  28. Vallena Fitness
  29. VitaFit
  30. X-Fit
  31. Z-Fit
  32. Art-Fit
  33. Art Fitness
  34. Atrium fitness
  35. Aero-fit
  36. BeneFit
  37. Grand Fitness
  38. Express Fitness
  39. Light fit
  40. Lady fit
  41. Lux Fitness
  42. Miss Fitness
  43. My home fitness
  44. My fitness
  45. Need fitness
  46. Olympic Fitness
  47. Fitness person
  48. Planet Fitness
  49. Rainbow Fitness
  50. Rio fit
  51. Radisson Fitness
  52. Scooter FITNESS
  53. SV fitness
  54. City Fitness
  55. Skillfit
  56. Fitness studio
  57. Selfie Fit
  58. Your Fitness
  59. Fitness factory
  60. FitLight
  61. Fitland
  62. Fitness
  63. Fitness of the future
  64. Fitness guru
  65. Fitness Land
  66. Fitness City
  67. Fitness Standard
  68. Fitness Star
  69. Fitness Hall
  70. Gym
  71. Fitness club
  72. Fitness People
  73. Fitness Mania
  74. Fitness studio
  75. Fitness
  76. Fox Fitness
  77. Fitness form
  78. Elite Fit
  79. Era Fitness

Names associated with the sport in general or with a specific sport

  2. Sport Formula
  3. Magneto Sport & Spa
  4. Royal sport
  5. Sport Lab
  6. Sport Stan
  7. Sports Academy
  8. Tennis Academy
  9. AR Sport life
  10. Art-Sport
  11. Sport time
  12. Dempf-Sport
  13. Don-Sport
  14. Aerobics club
  15. Pilate’s workshop
  16. My sport
  17. Multisport
  18. Planet Sports
  19. Premier Sport
  20. Real Sport
  21. Solosport
  22. Sports Nation
  23. Sport option
  24. Sports
  25. Sport Club
  26. Sports complex
  27. Sports complex
  28. Sport line club
  29. Body flex studio
  30. Sports theorem
  31. Sports point
  32. Sports factory
  33. Aerobics center
  34. Shaping Club

Original names associated with the specifics of the activities of fitness clubs

Original names associated with the specifics of the activities of fitness clubs

  1. Active life
  2. AR City Gym
  3. Athletic City
  4. Bodies By Design
  5. Body evolution
  6. Body Forming
  7. Body sculptor
  8. Body Mind Lab
  9. Boxing & Gym
  10. By Pro Trener
  11. CITY GYM
  12. Gordey geym
  13. Hard Gym
  14. Health club
  15. Jump
  16. King's gym
  17. Mustang gym
  18. My gym
  19. Power
  20. Power beauty
  21. Super Popa
  22. Swim & gym
  23. Urban Gym
  24. Absolute champion
  25. Adrenalin
  26. Anatomy
  27. Arnold Premium
  28. Atlant GYM
  29. Banana Jim
  30. Hercules
  31. Charging
  32. Healthy family
  33. Health
  34. Health resort
  35. Camelot GYM
  36. Rocking chair
  37. Sneakers
  38. Olympian
  39. Personal trainer
  40. Reactive body
  41. Strong people
  42. Sculptor
  43. Body sculptor
  44. Posture studio
  45. Slimness studio
  46. Titanium
  47. Tonus plus
  48. Relax tone
  49. Tonus-Studio
  50. Tonus Center
  51. Reach out

Community themed gym names ideas

  1. Health Society
  2. Fitness Republic
  3. Cardio club
  4. Balance state
  5. Health center
  6. United Wellness Co
  7. Fitness nation
  8. Cardio collective
  9. Citizen Wellness
  10. Inclusive health
  11. Complete Wellness Co.

Emotional Fitness Company Names ideas

  1. Nutrition and shine
  2. Soul Fitness
  3. Real health
  4. Pure health
  5. Long term Lifestyle Co
  6. Integri Fit
  7. Open and balanced
  8. Honest Wellness
  9. The truth about fitness
  10. Genuine Health Co
  11. Balance and buzz

Transformation gym names ideas

  1. Kick Start Co.
  2. Fitness fanatics
  3. Energy center
  4. Vitality & Co.
  5. Tough love
  6. Sweat box
  7. Strong and slim
  8. Feel the burn
  9. Adrenaline is high
  10. Wellness Revolution

Relaxation fitness club ideas

  1. Zen Lair
  2. Rest and renewal
  3. Balance collective
  4. About QT
  5. Shtil and Co
  6. Relaxation center
  7. The Serenity Society
  8. Peace and quiet


We hope that your gym, fitness club or gym studio will last for a very long time. If you're not 100% happy with any of the title ideas you come up with, don't settle for something mediocre.

These Creative gym name ideas inspire you, as well as worksheets for the process above. Think of it as a fitness company name generator for your venture!

Choosing a name for a fitness club and gym is easy enough. But there are also a couple of nuances here. If you correctly consider all the specifics of your business, you will be able to attract new customers with just one name. Good luck to you!

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