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Top 50+ New Business Ideas for Small profitable Businesses for future

Huge number of profitable business ideas in this new selection of article. Edible cups, café, shops recyclers and much, much more

50 + Unique list of profitable business ideas

Starting your own business is not easy. And the difficulties begin from the very beginning at the stage of choosing the business concept. Most people who are thinking about the opportunity to start their own business, which will bring them a stable and high income, have difficulty in assessing opportunities on their own. We want to rectify this situation and help those who plan to go all the way into the business industry. Therefore, we have collected a huge number of very different business ideas for you.

50 + Unique list of profitable business ideas

A short list of profitable business ideas will allow you to get a sea of ​​information about how the world lives, what ideas are in trend, how industries are developing and what new items in the business world can be found.

·        Cinema cafe

Cinema cafe  small idea business

What if you combine your favorite entertainment in one place? What people love is to eat delicious food and see something interesting. For example – “A Movie” The concept of a cinema cafe is so that your customers can do these things without leaving the checkout.

·        Edible coffee

Edible coffee cups future business ideas

Did you know that such a business has long been popular in Europe? We don't either. Think about how many potential customers this idea has? How many coffee shops and food service outlets where coffee is sold are there in each city? And they all use paper or plastic cups. You won't have to look for the first customers to deliver such a miracle. After all, this is a great way to stand out from your competitors. Moreover, the decision itself corresponds to the vector of ecological business promoted in our time.

·        Bossball

Bossball  small profitable business ideas

What people do not get up with balls, what kind of games has not been invented? And here it is again. But bossball is not just a game; it is a mixture of football, volleyball, trampolines and all this with great music! This incendiary idea comes from Spain. And by now it has spread vary widely. The essence of the business is to organize places for people who want to try themselves in this sports entertainment. And, believe me, there are many who wish.


·        Table on the steering wheel of the car

Table on the steering wheel of the car

Didn't know what you can earn on every little thing? Can! Even on such simple things as the manufacture of car tables. How many car owners never eat while driving? Less than 15% and there are a lot of them. And such a wonderful device will not be superfluous to anyone. So it might be worth it to them?

·        Electric shops

Electric shops business ideas for men

Electric shop business Idea for the warm season the benches equipped with wheels and able to move are like catamarans, they only work without water, and they look impressive, comfortable, and yet do not carry any extremeness, providing only comfortable sensations. The audience for such a business is any person walking in the park. And in good weather there are a lot of them agree.

·        Virtual reality glasses for real estate sales

Virtual reality glasses for real estate sales

Virtual reality has long become commonplace thanks to the development of the gaming industry. Then the entertainment business was also involved in the use of special glasses, opening islands in the shopping center, where visitors could enjoy small attractions. And now the turn has come to professional use in other areas. The use of virtual reality glasses turned out to be especially relevant for the real estate market. Now realtors will be able to demonstrate leased premises without leaving their own office or client's location. Very comfortably it remains only to sell them such a service.

·        Phytowalls

Virtual reality glasses for real estate sales

The idea is actually not very new. But in Russia, entrepreneurs have not yet had time to get a taste of this type of business and you will not find much competition.

The essence of the project is that in any place, whether it is an apartment or an office space, special wall structures are installed on which plants with a specially thought out irrigation system are placed. It looks very nice and fresh and can play a key role in the design of the room

·        Inspection with a thermal imager

Inspection with a thermal imager

Due to the fact that the house is examined with a thermal imager, problem areas can be detected. For example, understand where the heat is leaking. The result will be excellent savings, because the client will not have to spend money on additional permanent heating, but simply fix the problem.


·        Folding tables

Folding tables own business ideas

Selling furniture is a hackneyed topic. Selling original folding furniture is already something interesting. The essence lies in the unusual. The table transforms and changes in size not like the Soviet folding tables with legs, but effectively twisting it out. It is convenient, ergonomic, effective and efficient. Moreover, folding tables are just one of the many options for designer furniture that can attract the attention of potential buyers with just one look.

·        Blinomats

Blinomats ideas for business

That only now is not sold through vending machines coffee, phones, gum, collectible coins, and lottery tickets. But what if these machines will quickly prepare pancakes for the customer right before his eyes? An Interesting effective idea for fast food and low-cost business. The only thing that needs to be done is to replenish the machine with fresh dough and fillings to suit every taste.

·        Bar with cocktails from visitors

Bar with cocktails from visitors

Have you watched the bartenders masterfully mix cocktails? Would you like to try it yourself? The concept of such a bar implies the opportunity for each visitor to come up with his own cocktail recipe and mix it for himself. Moreover, if in the future someone orders a cocktail according to your recipe, you will receive royalties or points. An interesting and fresh business idea came to us from the land of the rising sun. Still, the Japanese love to surprise.

·        Tracked scooters

Tracked scooters ideas for business

In more or less large cities, scooter rental has become commonplace. Especially where there are a lot of tourists. But what if you cross a scooter with an all-terrain vehicle and arrange races over rough terrain? After all, it is easier to find than straight long paths without pedestrians.

The idea is to provide people with entertainment based on a modernized self-propelled vehicle that looks spectacular and can add drive to a measured life.

·        Phyto-pots and eco-men

Phyto pots and eco small busioness for women

The idea is simple to the point of disgrace, but so amusing and interesting that one wonders how it was not thought of before. After all, drawing pictures and photographs on objects is already an old trend. And the T-shirts and the mugs took part in it. And now the fashion has reached the pots for flowers and figures of men.

There is one nuance that adds not only interest to this idea, but also wonderful freshness. The photographs are transferred in such a way that the plants that are used in these objects appear in the form of human hair from the photograph.


·        Women's shoes with removable tops

Women's shoes with removable tops business for woman

Women's shoes are a separate topic of conversation. Every fashionista loves to have a variety of options available. But what if this desire to turn into a profitable business idea? The core of the 'removable shoe' project is that the customer does not have to buy a new shoe every time the soul asks for an update. You can simply purchase an add-on for an existing pair in the form of a removable top. These shoes are unusual, practical and interesting. And it is quite possible to make money on this.


·        Fries vending machines

Fries vending machines small profitable business ideas

Vending machines can do everything. And you can even cook fries. And even season with sauce. And this is actually the case, because there are already machines that do this, surprising customers with their unusualness. And the potatoes that are made in them are cooked without vegetable oil, so they are considered less harmful in addition.


·        Built-in vacuum cleaner

Built in vacuum cleaner

In fact, built-in vacuum cleaners are not new. But the problem is that they are used very rarely and more in industry. But the idea is good because it can be applied in everyday life. Such devices can be built, for example, into kitchen furniture and used not during major cleaning, but at any time necessary, removing crumbs and small debris that appears more often in the kitchen.


·        Self-service ice cream parlor with yoghurt

Self-service ice cream parlor with yoghurt

Firstly, yoghurt ice cream is appreciated as natural, tasty, and with the help of freezers it is easy to make. Secondly, the self-service format adds interest to visitors as well. With the help of a special ice cream vending machine, customers will make their own treats from various flavors, powders, and syrups. And all this happiness is paid for at one constant price per gram.


·        Grape snail farm

small profitable business ideas Grape snail farm

What do we know about delicacies and unusual dishes? Meanwhile, what goodies are not found in gastronomic ideas? So the meat of snails is actually in demand. Moreover, it is considered healthy and clean. And the price tag for it is quite big. Moreover, they are hardly ever grown in Russia. But there is domestic demand. The essence of the business idea is to organize a special eco-farm where grape snails will be grown for sale.

·        3D copies of people

unique business ideas 3D copies of people

3D printers have been around for a long time. And there are tons of ideas for using them. Here is another unusual one. To implement it, you need a 3D scanner and a 3D printer. The bottom line is that with the help of these tools, miniature but accurate figures of people are created. Seriously, the figurines are suitable both as individual gifts and as a kind of modern kind of photo album, where figurines will be stored on the shelf instead of photos; this is the perfect way to decorate a wedding cake. You can create this way not only people, but also to capture pets.


·        Potato hot dogs

Potato hot dogs business ideas

Fast food, due to the fact that everyone goes there, suffers from a lot of competition for each type of goods and services. Therefore, new ideas appear all the time and the better the idea the more it is based on something known. So, for example, hot dogs are always popular anywhere. And what if we change this popular dish and make a potato hot dog. The bottom line is that such a dish is made from sausages wrapped in potatoes in corn flour. The Koreans shared such a delight with us. It both looks delicious and tastes great.


·        Fitball chairs

Fitball chairs Small Business idea

This idea is based on the production of amazing chairs made from gymnastic balls. The bottom line is that a curved metal support is created for ordinary gymnastic balls. Together they form a very interesting, comfortable and, most importantly, useful seat. If you work while sitting on such a fitball chair, your muscles will always remain in good shape.


·        Floromats

Floromats business ideas

Another profitable business idea from the world of vending machines the bottom line is that flowers are sold through the machines. Naturally, a special machine must be equipped with a refrigerator. A handy thing when there is no time to look for a flower shop, but a beautiful gift is urgently needed. These can be installed not only in shopping centers, but also in train stations, airports, and in any crowded places.

·        Barbecue boats

Barbecue boats businesses in the philippines

In warm weather, people like to rent and hire a variety of floating facilities - from kayaks to catamarans. This idea goes even further, and offers customers not only fun, but also delicious food right on the water. Round boats are equipped with special barbecues. Whole companies can ride on them, and no one will go hungry.

·        Nano Ice Cream

small profitable business ideas nano Ice Cream

Another adorable and unusual type of ice cream that will pleasantly surprise any customer and ice cream has a lot of buyers. Such a delicacy has a nano prefix, and is also called granular, because it looks like small beads and is created using cryogenic freezing. An unusual view will not leave anyone without tremendous emotions.


·        Mini thermoplastic machine

unique business idea Mini thermoplastic machine

Everyone can produce small size plastic products. They are in demand everywhere, in any industry - from medicine to furniture production. It’s made from plastic and many different polymers. All that is needed for production is the basis of the idea - a thermoplastic automatic machine. And the small size allows you to do without renting large premises for a workshop.

·        Standing table

Standing table business ideas

The basis of the idea is special functional furniture - tables on which you can work at a computer, tablet, and laptop while standing. The potential audience for such a device is the huge number of freelancers who spend whole days sitting at work.

·        Small change recycler

Small change recycler ideas for business

Such devices are installed in airports, shopping and entertainment centers and other places where people gather. The devices themselves are simple and built mechanically without any electronics. The idea is also simple - a person throws a coin into a special hole, which then spins and rolls in a completely fascinating way in a circular motion until it disappears into the funnel. The fact is that today when many people do not carry cash at all, little things annoy people. Such machines will allow you to entertain yourself and get rid of excess cargo.

·        Pizza machines

Pizza machines  own business ideas

The case when vending machines step on fast food. There are two main types of machines - those that prepare pizza from semi-finished products. And those that are prepared from separately pre-loaded ingredients. Moreover, everything takes place before the eyes of the buyer, which significantly increases interest in what is happening, and makes them come and come again.


·        Orthopedic belts

Orthopedic belts  business idea

Orthopedics is an important part of the industry that overlaps with other segments. The bottom line is that such belts are able to maintain the correct posture during the working day, when a person is mostly in a sitting position. This is a demanded and necessary, useful product for which there will always be buyers.


·        Fuel briquettes from leaves

Fuel briquettes from leaves

In our time, it is important that everything, if possible, be, firstly, environmentally friendly, and secondly, meets the rules of waste-free production. For a long time already in the world, instead of ordinary firewood, fuel briquettes from different materials have been used. First of all, from the remains from various industries. Europeans came up with the idea of ​​making such useful things from fallen leaves. And it is really simple, convenient, safe and useful.


·        Installation for the manufacture of garages

Installation for the manufacture of garages business ides

The idea is both simple and a technological solution that simplifies the demanded business. A special mobile unit is able to create concrete garages on site.


·        Pocket Gyroboards

Pocket Gyroboards SMALL BUSINESS

There are a lot of various electrical devices that allow people to ride on the streets. Are the latest in the electric board industry? And since the entire industry is only growing, demand is increasing, this is especially noticeable in large cities, and then this product also has tremendous prospects.


·        Portable horizontal bar

Portable horizontal bar ideas for business

Alas, today it is not always possible to find good horizontal bars and bars on the street. There is a solution to this problem, designed for those who monitor their health, who love sports, fitness, who want to be able to follow the training regimen wherever he is. Such portable horizontal bars and bars can be attached both to the walls of the house and to trees and poles outside. The product has a huge potential.


·        Vacuum forming apparatus

unique business ideas Vacuum forming apparatus

Such devices make it possible to manufacture a huge variety of items - plastic parts for cars - bumpers, fenders. With their help, you can make signs, molds for tiles, decorative stone used in interior design. Mannequins can be created. The range of applications is huge and the potential audience of buyers of all these products is very large.


·        Cases with socks

Cases with socks profitable business ideas

Everyone and everyone are joking about socks. And that they are lost and that you need to have a year's supply for every day so as not to experience problems. But jokes are not really created in vain. They point out what people really need. The idea is to make one of the most practical mens gifts in the world in beautiful packaging. The bottom line is the formation of a stock of socks for a whole year. Stylish packaging will only enhance the effect and add value to the gift.


·        Heat blocks

Heat blocks business idea for men

With the help of special equipment, which consists of a vibrating press, it is possible to produce so-called Euro blocks, which are characterized by increased thermal efficiency and have wide application possibilities. Such building materials consist of several layers - the base, insulation and finishing part.


·        Boat jacuzzi

Boat jacuzzi future business ideas

You have seen how popular swimming facilities are in water during the warm season. We present to your attention another option - a jacuzziboat. These are special boats with built-in stoves for heating water. You can take a pleasant warm bath even in the middle of a large lake. A great way to spend time, relax and unwind, both alone and in a company.


·        Dumplings

Dumplings business idea

The vending industry never ceases to amaze. We have already seen machines that make pizzas themselves and bake pancakes. But the manufacturers of the devices did not stop there. How do you like the idea of ​​eating dumplings from the vending machine? The bottom line is that dumplings are stored in the apparatus in frozen form, and are prepared according to the same principle that works in a pressure cooker.

·        Toilet for the toilet

small business ideas Toilet for the toilet

How to train a cat to go to the toilet so that it does its job on the toilet? A special toilet for the toilet will help solve this problem once or twice. And as always, all ingenious is simple. Special plastic stands are used, which gradually decrease in size, giving the cat time to get used to the innovation in his life. A popular idea because there are a lot of cat owners everywhere.


·        Fried ice cream

Fried ice cream  business ideas

Another kind of unusual delicacy in one of the most popular industries and as we know, one of the ways to survive in a niche that is overly popular with businessmen is to offer something new and interesting. Fried ice cream is just such an idea. It is prepared from natural products on a special device made of freezing tiles and tastes just magical.


·        Hot dog machines

Hot dog machines small business

Another representative of the vending family. This time we are invited to watch how hot dogs are prepared in the vending machine - a favorite delicacy of many people walking in shopping centers and parks. The idea of ​​installing such a machine in advance promises great demand and interest from buyers. Moreover, such a business does not require spending a lot of time.


·        Salad Constructor

Salad Constructor business for women

The idea came to us from the West, where it received a fair amount of popularity. The bottom line is to organize a so-called salad bar, where customers can choose what their salad will consist of selected herbs, meat additives, seafood, sauces and dressings. After the ingredients are selected, a professional chef chops all this right in front of the visitor. The salad is prepared in a matter of minutes, presenting spectacle, taste and involvement.

·        Furniture designer

unique business ideas Furniture designer

Nowadays, it is fashionable to provide an opportunity for the client to choose what the product will consist of. So this idea took the principle of independence as a basis. The bottom line is that the furniture consists of square-shaped modules that can be combined, forming stylish shelves for different things, equipment, and they can also decorate an apartment, because it all looks very stylish.

·        Automatic key making machines

business ideas from home Automatic key making machines

The demand for key manufacturing may seem dull, but in fact, it is a much demanded service. Many people use it every day. Therefore, an automatic machine was invented, which itself, without human intervention, can provide this service. A key is made in such a machine very quickly and the client leaves invariably satisfied. And with every satisfied client, the entrepreneur is also happy.


·        Sushimata

Sushimata food small business

Vending machines that offer customers ready-made set of sushi and rolls. The bottom line is that the device is equipped with a refrigerator, where the product does not lose its appearance or taste, being there in a convenient container. And we already know how popular sushi and rolls are among people.


·        ​​Seat covers-shells

Seat covers-shells business ideas

This idea is a special frame-type covers that allow motorists to solve many problems. And the main one is the lack of your own garage. Such a cover can protect the car from dirt and dust that fall on it along with the rain.

·        Edible sugar glasses

Edible sugar glasses  business ideas for men

 In appearance, such delicious glasses are practically indistinguishable from real ones. And the range of applications is very wide. You can use them both for various pranks and for special filming, in bars, at events. It's interesting and engaging the audience.


·        Laser tag

Laser tag business ideas

An addicting game that is gaining momentum very quickly in large cities and is already conquering small ones. The basis of the idea is in its perfect safety. Because all shooting is carried out with laser beams, and the hit is recorded by a special sensor, which is placed on the vest of each participant.


·        Foot hammock

Foot hammock  unique business ideas

There are a lot of people who spend their working time sitting. Therefore, such a simple and at the same time unique idea will certainly be in demand. Simplicity lies both in the design of the device itself and in the manufacturing process. You can even do this in your own garage.


·        AR technology for selling rings

AR technology for selling rings business ideas for men

AR is augmented reality technology (not to be confused with virtual). Helzberg Diamonds has figured out how it can be used to modernize the jewelry industry. In this case, customers can try on rings without wearing them. And any product can be viewed from all angles and the smallest details. The technology allows you to take pictures and send shows of fittings to friends so that they can help the client choose the right one.

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